An interactive photo wall permanently installed in the Virtue Field House at Middlebury College, providing users with an interactive experience through the annals of sports at the College. More than 6000 photos, clippings, and ephemera culled from Middlebury’s archives are included in the collection, spanning over one hundred years of history. Images are categorized by topic and decade, through which filters can be created for generating slideshows on the fly.

The wall consists of an array of 12x5 Christie MicroTiles fitted with a touch kit for interactivity. The application runs in two modes: Hero mode, where high resolution images take over the entire wall, slowly cycling through a slideshow; and Grid mode, where the wall is split into 4 interactive scrolling timelines, allowing visitors to browse through the collection and read additional information about each image.

Project Details

Date: 2015

Client: Local Projects for Middlebury College

  • Concept, Design, Technical Architecture and Production: Local Projects
  • Software Development: Elie Zananiri

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Creative developer specialized in large-scale interactive experiences, mobile applications, and user interfaces.

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